Humility lk18vv9-14
God, look how good I am ... not like that other bloke...
Secrecy matt6vv5-6
Don't be a show off - what's in your heart?
Be short matt6v7
Don't rabbit on.
He knows matt6v8
Your Father - having a relationship with God.
His perspective matt6v9
In heaven - he sees / knows things we do not.
Pray for enemies matt5v44
Speaking at a tumultuous time and place (Roman rule).

Jesus was asked to teach his disciples to pray just as John (the Baptist) taught his followers (lk11v1).
How did John teach his disciples? I don't know.
Was it something liturgical like the Pharisees or other teachers of the time?

In response Jesus told his disciples to pray using the following framework (lk11vv2-4).

Relationship Father.
Throne Room In Heaven.
Worship Honour and Reverence.
Repentance Your Kingdom ... Your will.
Provision Give us...
Forgiveness Handling hurts and disappointments.
Protection Keep us from...
Deliverance Deliver us from... (matt6v13)