Never stop - whatever happens.

Reminded of the words from the old song 'Paul and Silas were in jail, no one there to pay the bail...' (acts16vv22-25).
I recall an old preacher asking "Why are you under the circumstances?..."!
Paul lived what he preached.


Don't be anxious - pray with thanksgiving.

See similar 'Pray with rejoicing and thanks' section above - written to the Philippians.
On his first visit to Philippi Paul had been unceremonously thrown into jail.
Were jailer and former fellow prisoners part of the church written to?


That we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.

Not giving God a list of how we could do a better job than they...
Not plotting a coup...
Instead he says 'ask God to help and bless them - and be thankful for them'.

Paul was involved in an incident at Philippi when he received unlawful (beat up first, ask questions later) treatment from those in authority ( (acts16vv22-25)).
We know he prayed - but no details of the content. Are we safe to assume he practiced what he preached?