Acknowledge who God is. Creating an atmosphere.
prov3vv5-7 In life many options, acknowledge Him.


Acknowledge sin - it separates you from God. Clear the line.


Recall what He has done. Thank Him for His supply.


Tell Him what is on your heart - petitions.
Screaming allowed - be real and honest.

1: Worship

God you are... Genesis 4:26

2: Thanksgiving

I thank you for... Psalm 100:4

3: Petition

God would you... Matthew 7:7

4: Intercession

I stand to see..., I choose that..., I take authority over... 2 Chronicles 7:14, Nehemiah 1:6

5: Impart

I release... John 20:22

6: Warfare (Resist the Devil, release the Kingdom)

I say no to... James 4:7

7: Pray / Sing the Word

God you said in your word that... Revelation 1:3

8: Tongues

As the Holy Spirit helps you... Jude 1:20

9: Meditation

God is saying as I wait on Him that... Psalm 119:15-16

10: Remind God of Promises

God you said to me that... Psalm 60:6

11: Declaration

I declare that... John 22:28

12: Prophesy (strengthen, encourage, console)

I see that... 1 Corinthians 14:3

Turning back to God

Humble, pray, seek, turn... 2 Chronicles 7:14

Look, turn... Isaiah 17:7-8

Our Leaders

Petitions, prayers, intercession, thanksgiving... 1 Timothy 2:1-2

Be wise, serve the Lord... Psalm 2:10-11

His Kingdom

As it is in heaven... Matthew 6:10

Pouring out of Spirit... Joel 2:28-29

Reconcilliation - Healing - Unity